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  • Mantenha-se quente, Basta abri para entrar oxigénio e o calor inicia
  • Coloque o pacote no seu bolso ou perto do seu corpo
  • Ideal para conforto - temperatura constante
  • Indispensável para kit sobrevivência
  • Temperatura: +- 50ºC (durante 20h)
  • Duração: 24h

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BODY WARMERS - Stay warm, while all around you others are frozen!!!

Opening the sealed packaging lets oxygen react with the bag. Within a minute they release constant heat. Typically these packs are used for comfort, increasingly however, they are used in rescue operations where a survivor is trapped in a cold or exposed place.

Place the packet in your pocket or anywhere close to your body where heat is requited and it will maintain a comfortable temperature of 50 degC (Max 65 degC) for up to 24 hours

Working temp: 50°C to 65°C Duration of max. heat: 20 hours

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