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Multi-Fuel Cooking System



  • Fogão biomassa ou álcool (Fire Dragon)
  • Capacidade: 950ml
  • Ferve 500ml em 5,5m
  • Metal anodizado fácil de limpar
  • Compacto e robusto
  • Kit em bolsa - Molle em cintos, mochilas ou arnés
  • Conteúdo: ver abaixo.

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Quick and easy to use with any solid or gel and most liquid fuels. • The Boil time of 500ml of water is an incredible 5½ minutes when using our Fire Dragon Fuel. • The Metal cup is hard-anodised, giving it an easy to clean finish. • Compact - all handles fold away, and it concertinas into itself.

Contents: 1. Plastic Drinking Cup
2. Canteen Water bottle – folding handles, 1 Litre (1.76 pints) capacity, heavy duty (Osprey)
3. Aluminium Cooking Cup (MK2) which doubles as a cooking pot and features a special heat receptor on its base. Has fold out handles.
4. Stainless steel (MK1 - BLACK PTFE Coating), multi-fuel cooker. Nests neatly and compactly beneath the cup, with a fuel chimney which enhances the burn
5. Belt mounted carrying Pouch. Perfect accessory with separate compartment for the cup lid. (Either BLACK or MULTICAM)

Total weight: 620g

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